Records Exempt from Disclosure

Most exemptions from disclosure in the public records law are pursuant to Idaho Code § 74 to 104 through 74 to 111. These subsections are summarized as follows:

  • 74-104. Court files of judicial proceedings, proceedings and records exempt from disclosure by federal or state statutes or by federal regulations.
  • 74-105. Law enforcement records, investigatory records of agencies, evacuation and emergency response plans, and workers compensation. View also Idaho Code § 74-124.
  • 74-106. Personnel records, personal information, health records, and professional discipline. Note: This section prohibits disclosure of certain personnel records except with the written consent of the person who is the subject of the records.
  • 74-107. Trade secrets, production records, appraisals, bids, and proprietary information.
  • 74-108. Archaeological, endangered species, libraries, and licensing exams.
  • 74-109. Draft legislation and supporting materials, certain records of the State Tax Commission and the Petroleum Clean Water Trust Fund, and certain records pertaining to unclaimed property.
  • 74-110. Records of court proceedings regarding judicial authorization of abortion procedures for minors.
  • 74-111. Records related to Uniform Securities Act, Title 30, Chapter 14, Idaho Code.