What are the rules when I visit my child?
  1. All visits are "no contact" and visitors must sign in prior to entry.
  2. Picture identification must be presented each time you visit to verify your identity.
  3. Visitors are routinely requested to empty their pockets prior to entering for visits, and may be subject to a search. If visitors refuse, their visitation may be denied.
  4. Visitors will be denied access to the facility if they are believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  5. Personal property and/or anything that could be considered hazardous and/or dangerous is not allowed inside the facility. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • All purses
    • Cigarette lighters
    • Large belt buckles
    • Matches
    • Pocketknives
    • Sunglasses
    • Wallets
    • Etc.
  6. Visitors must remove any chewing tobacco, gum, or candy from their mouths prior to entering the secure part of the facility.
  7. If a visitor passes contraband or other unauthorized items to Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) residents, the visitor's right to visit will be suspended and/or permanently denied. Any passing of contraband will result in a criminal complaint being filed against the visitor.
  8. The following clothing items are not permitted during visitation: 
    • Bare feet
    • Jackets or coats
    • Revealing shorts
    • See-through shirts/blouses
    • Swimsuits
    • Tank tops
    • Tube tops

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