How much will it cost to bring my garbage to the transfer station?

Residential property owners in Kootenai County pay an annual solid waste fee.  This allows residents to dispose of waste from a private household generated from day-to-day living.   

Transfer Stations Guidelines: The payment of the fee allows residents to dispose of up to 2,000 pounds of household waste and yard debris associated with their residential property for free per trip.

(Note: Loads weighing greater than 2,000 lbs are subject to charges.  All loads of roofing and tires on rims are charged to everyone).  Please refer to the Fee Structure Page for more details.

Rural Residential Sites Guidelines: These sites are not transfer stations and have limited disposal containers available; residential customers are allowed to dispose of up to 1 cubic yard of waste generated from their household from day-to-day living.  Large bulky items (such as furniture, appliances, etc), wood debris, tires, household hazardous waste, and loads larger than 1 cubic yard, must be taken to a transfer station.

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