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Public Records Request

  1. Prefer Delivery By:
  2. All requests for public information must be made in writing. Please indicate whether you prefer to examine records or will request copies to be made. Please make your request specific and concise, including department(s) and document type(s), as this will expedite the processing of your request. Please also fill out the email attachment form, as well, if you are requesting copies of County emails.
  3. Please list department(s) and information you are seeking.
  4. Response (For Office Use)
  5. Reason for Notice of Partial Denial
    Your request has been partially denied. Certain information has been determined to be exempt from disclosure pursuant to Idaho Code § 74-_____ (104-111), and has therefore been redacted from the requested record. A copy of the requested record with the exempt information redacted is attached.

    If your request has been denied or partially denied, an attorney for Kootenai County has reviewed the request, or Kootenai County has had the opportunity to consult with an attorney regarding the request for examination or copying of a record and has chosen not to do so.

    If you wish to appeal the denial or partial denial of your request for public records you may do so pursuant to the provisions of Idaho Code § 74-115, which requires that a petition be filed in the District Court within 180 days from the date of the mailing of the notice of denial or partial denial.
  6. General Information
    The County is comprised of nine Elected Officials who direct operations of more than two dozen departments and over 700 employees. Records request completion may require input from more than one department. This form is for general records requests related to County functions. The most common requests and the primary department associations are as follows:

    Board of County Commissioners (BOCC): Human Resources, County Administration, Legal, Technology, Public Meetings/Audio Recordings, Contracts/Board Action, Community Development (Permits, Ordinances, Land Use, Planning and Zoning)

    County Clerk: Elections, Financial/Audit Records, Meeting Minutes, Tort Claims

    Treasurer: Property Taxes, Public Administration, County Investments, Transaction Documentation/Checks

    Sheriff /911: Arrest/Sheriff Responses and Records (Please use the Sheriff’s Office public records request form, available on the Kootenai County website and the KCSO website)

    Please Note: If clarifying information is needed or the request must be transferred to another department, the County will respond within ten (10) working days of receipt of the request, as opposed to three (3) working days.

    Any person who willfully destroys, alters, falsifies, or commits the theft of any public record shall be guilty of a FELONY pursuant to Idaho Code § 18 -3202.
  7. Email Request Addendum
    Please fill out this form if you are requesting emails. Filling out this form will allow County staff to find the electronic mail (email) which is responsive to your request in a timely manner.
  8. County employee email addresses typically follow the format of first initial and last name.
    For example: Joe Doe =
  9. Kootenai County retains email records for 2 years.
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