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Code Enforcement Complaint Information Form

  1. Please complete all applicable information and return to the below address. You will be contacted if additional information is required. Response time will vary according to the workload. Please provide as many relevant details as possible including the specific address.
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    The procedure regarding the disclosure of information contained in code files to the public under the Idaho Public Records Act, Title 74,Chapter 1, Idaho Code (IPRA), shall be as follows:
    1. During the initial investigatory stage, the code violation file will be treated as exempt from disclosure under IPRA.
    2. Once a notice of violation or stop work order has been issued, the contents of a code violation file shall be disclosed to the general public upon receipt of a public records request for that information with the exception of complainant information. Complainant information shall be treated as exempt from disclosure under IPRA while the case is active.
    3. The contents of a closed or inactive code violation file shall be disclosed to the general public upon receipt of a public records request for that information, including complainant information.
    4. Judicial or administrative process (including,without limitation, subpoenas, discovery requests in cases where the County is a party, orders of a court or administrative tribunal, etc.) shall be complied with even if information is exempt from disclosure under IPRA. If there is reason to believe that such a process is defective, the Director will consult with the Prosecuting Attorney to determine whether a motion to quash or other action should be pursued.
    5. EXCEPTION: Under certain circumstances, and only as approved by the Director or Board of County Commissioners in consultation with the Prosecuting Attorney, information in a code violation file may be disclosed on a case-by-case basis even when such information would not ordinarily be disclosed to the general public.

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