Residential Appraisal Division

The Residential Appraisal Division is divided geographically into six (6) residential districts. Our Idaho State Certified Tax Appraisers are responsible for analyzing sales data and estimating the market value of all residential real and personal property each year. There are close to 6,000 waterfront properties spanning several hundred miles of shoreline from eight beautiful lakes and rivers within Kootenai County. We appraise some of the most complex residential property in the State of Idaho.

Please watch a Property Tax Process Video discussing how and why property taxes are assessed in Idaho. Click here for a thorough explanation of Understanding Idaho Property Tax (PDF)

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Residential District map

Residential District Area Descriptions & Number of Parcels

  • District 1 Rathdrum, Spirit Lake, Athol, Bayview areas (13,286 Parcels)
  • District 2 Post Falls, Hauser, Stateline and Spokane River N (16,146)
  • District 3 Dalton Gardens, Hayden and Hayden Lake (12,554)
  • District 4 Coeur d' Alene City and surrounding rural areas (16,847)
  • District 5 Worley, Spokane River S and Coeur d' Alene Lake W (8,968)
  • District 6 Wolf Lodge, Cataldo, Harrison and Coeur d' Alene Lake E (9,940)
  • Total Residential Parcel Count: 77,741

Data updated as of March 20, 2018