Business Personal Property

The Assessor is required by Idaho State Statutes to value all business personal property for taxation purposes. Idaho law defines personal property as everything that's the subject of ownership and that isn't included within the term real property. All personal property is taxable in Idaho unless specifically exempt by Idaho Codes.

Transient Personal Property

​Transient personal property is unregistered construction, logging and mining equipment which spend more than 30 days in more than one county in the state during the same year. If you own transient personal property, you should consider the county in which you maintain a residence or usual place of business as your home county. Transient personal property declarations are mailed out in September and are due back to the Assessor’s office November 1st annually.

Who must file

​​If you own taxable personal property totaling more than $100,000, you must submit a declaration list (.​xlsx, .pdf, .docx formats available) of all taxable personal property to the county assessor each year. Knowingly failing to report such property could subject you to a fine not to exceed $10,000. Intentional concealment of property may result in an assessment of twice the value. Instructions for completing the declaration form are available by clicking here. Idaho Property Valuation Schedules are available through the State Tax Commission by clicking here.

Existing Businesses

​​A Business Personal Property Declaration is mailed to you end of January each year if your assessed business personal property value exceeds $87,000, and is due back to our office by March 15 annually. You may contact our office at to request an excel version of your declaration.

New Businesses

​​Welcome to Kootenai County! A declaration form must be filled out each year by March 15th if the total depreciated actual value of all business assets owned within the county exceeds $100,000. Please contact our office if you have not received a declaration.


​In 2014 Rule 262 was developed by the State Tax Commission which set forth new provisions for the taxation of Personal Property (See Idaho Code and Rule 63-602KK). The amount of the larger Exemption threshold was set at $100,000. In addition, any newly acquired Personal Property items with a price of $3000 or less are exempt, and shall not be included. In cases where the taxpayer has personal property located in mulitple tax code areas within the county, the taxpayer may elect the location of the property to which the exemption will apply (Idaho Code 63-602KK and Property Tax Rule 626). Click here for the form to elect the location of the exemption.

Closing or Selling a Business

​It's a misdemeanor to sell your personal property or remove it from the county without first paying the tax due. If you sell or close a business you should notify the county assessor as soon as possible. The assessor will explain how your assessment will be handled.

Businss Personal Property Events
Personal Property
Transient Personal Property
Declarations are mailed out
End of January
Beginning of September
Declarations are due
March 15th
November 1st
Notices of Value are mailed out
End of May
End of December
Tax Bills Mailed
End of November
Taxes Due
1st Half - December 20th
​2nd Half - June 20th
1st Half - March 20th
​2nd Half - December 20th
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