Closing the Urban Renewal District

For the fiscal year that immediately predates the termination date for an urban renewal plan involving a revenue allocation area or will include the termination date, the agency shall adopt and publish a budget specifically for the projected revenues and expenses of the plan and make a determination as to whether the revenue allocation area can be terminated before the January 1 of the termination year pursuant to the terms of section 50-2909(4), Idaho Code

In the event that the agency determines that current tax year revenues are sufficient to cover all estimated expenses for the current year and all future years, by September 1 the agency shall adopt a resolution advising and notifying the local governing body, the county auditor, and the state tax commission and recommending the adoption of an ordinance for termination of the revenue allocation area by December 31 of the current year and declaring a surplus to be distributed as described in section 50-2909, Idaho Code, should a surplus be determined to exist. 

The agency shall cause the ordinance to be filed with the office of the county recorder and the Idaho state tax commission as provided in section 63-215, Idaho Code. Upon notification of revenues sufficient to cover expenses as provided herein, the increment value of that revenue allocation area shall be included in the net taxable value of the appropriate taxing districts when calculating the subsequent property tax levies pursuant to section 63-803, Idaho Code. The increment value shall also be included in subsequent notification of taxable value for each taxing district pursuant to section 63-1312, Idaho Code, and subsequent certification of actual and adjusted market values for each school district pursuant to section 63-315, Idaho Code.