Campaign Finance Reports

ATTENTION Candidates/Officeholders/PACS

Idaho State law as of January 2020 is requiring all Candidates/Officeholders/PACS to now file their C-1s and Campaign Finance Reports on the Secretary of State’s website portal. The public can now view all Campaign Finance Reports here.

All Candidates/Officeholders/PACS please go here to file all C-1s and Campaign Finance Reports. For more detailed information about campaign finance reporting, please read information below.

Here is the link to all C-4 (Independent Expenditure Reports) and C-8 (Electioneering Communication Reports):

Since 2020, Campaign Finance Reports now have to be submitted through the State's Campaign Finance Portal.  

 Campaign Finance Reporting and User Guide 


Link to the Campaign Finance Portal

Campaign Finance Quick Guide

Campaign Finance Disclosure Manual 2023

Campaign Finance Portal User Guide (PDF)


While we are here to help—ultimately a candidate/PAC is responsible for their own filings.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that each candidate and/or treasurer take the time to learn how to properly submit campaign finance reports.  Please utilize the campaign finance user guide that can be found on the campaign finance portal.  If a candidate/PAC needs help amending a report, please call Sheryl Millard (208-334-2852) at the Idaho Secretary of State's Office.  She will be able to walk you through the correct process to amend a report.  

  • On the 8th or 9th of the month A campaign finance reminder (email and text) will be sent to a candidate/PAC/treasurer that has not yet submitted a required report.  
  • On the 11th of the month A 24 hour Warning (email and text) will be sent to any candidate/PAC/treasurer that has not submitted their required report by the 10th.  This warning will also be followed up by a phone call to inform you about a $50 a day charge if a report is not submitted by 12:00 AM on 13th day of the month.
  •  A letter will be sent out on 14th day of the month stating, until a report is submitted— a candidate/PAC will be charged $50 a day.  It will be noted that those charges started accruing at 12:00 AM on the 13th day of the month. 

  • Monthly reports are due for candidates once they have reached the $500 threshold in contributions or expenses if it is their active election year.  Once you have reach that $500 threshold, file your first $500 report right away—do not wait until the 10th.  The monthly report will still need to be submitted for the same month you filed your first $500 report. The annual report will also need to be submitted by January 10th.  
  •  If a candidate NEVER reaches the $500 threshold, there are no reports (including the annual report) that have to be submitted
  • If a candidate reaches the $500 threshold in contributions or expenses in their non-active election year, they will still need to submit the first $500 reportThey then will ONLY have to submit the annual report due on January 10th; no monthly reports will be due.
  • If it is a candidate’s non-active election year and they have previously reached the $500 threshold, they will only need to file the annual report due by January 10th.  
  • NOTE: $1000 contributions must still be reported within 48 hours, even if it is not a candidates/office holder’s election year. 
  • PACs will be required to file monthly reports if they have any intention of being active for a candidate and/or measure in that particular election year.  If a PAC is not active in that election year cycle, they will only be required to file their annual report.
  • NOTE: $1000 PAC contributions must still be reported within 48 hours, even if a PAC does not plan to be active that election year.
  • A Candidate/PAC’s account has to have $0 cash balance and $0 outstanding debt to be terminated.  A report cannot be terminated unless these two requirements are met—reports will continue to be due. Please call our office (208-446-1030) to terminate your account; otherwise, reports will continue to be due.

Independent Expenditures, Precinct Committeemen and Electioneering Communication (In Support or Opposition of a Measure or Candidate)

(Even Year Election Cycle) Precinct Committeeman do no need to file a C-1; however, Precinct Committeemen or any other individual will need to file either a C-4 (Independent Expenditure form)—filed not less than 7 days prior to a primary or general election and filed not less than 30 days after a primary or general election) or a C-8 (Electioneering Communication form)—within 30 days of a primary and within 60 days of a general election) if they spend $100 or more



2018 November General Election



Copeland, Amber-CDA City Council

Evans, Amy- CDA City Council 

Moen, Lacey- CDA City Council

Price, Elaine-CDA City Council

Widmyer, Steve-CDA City Mayor

Wood, Christie- CDA City Council (PDF)

Roetter, Matthew-Hayden City Council

Jacobson, Ronald-Post Falls City Mayor

Malloy, Joe-Post Falls City Council