Noxious Weed Control

  1. Scotch Thistle

    Scotch Thistle is on the Loose!

    Have you seen this weed? Scotch Thistle is an aggressive invader that has been sighted in Kootenai County but is not yet widespread. Let's not let it get established! Read on...
  2. Bio Workshop Ad 5x7

    Noxious Weed Workshop

    Control your weeds naturally using insects! Kootenai County Noxious Weed Control is hosting a free noxious weed workshop. It will focus on biological control (insects eating weeds) of Spotted Knapweed and Leafy Spurge. Topics will include..... Click here for more information.
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The mission of Kootenai County Noxious Weed Control is to assist landowners in controlling the spread of terrestrial noxious weeds across Kootenai County in accordance with Idaho Code 22-2405. We accomplish this by:

  • Inspecting all unincorporated lands in the county
  • Educating landowners on which noxious weeds they have and the best methods to control them
  • Mapping infestations of noxious weeds and reporting data to Idaho State Department of Agriculture
  • Loaning out treatment equipment free of charge

The Kootenai County Noxious Weed Control Department assists the public and government agencies with identification and control methods for noxious weeds.


Our services include:

  • Equipment loan-out program
  • Free site inspections and weed management plans
  • Herbicide information and methods of application
  • Publications
  • Weed identification and methods of control

Help Our Department

Help us help you, read our Public Notice  to find out which noxious weeds you can kill on sight.