Civil Division


The Civil Division of the Kootenai County Prosecuting Attorney's Office provides legal representation for all elected officials and department managers in their official capacities. Its attorneys represent the County in civil cases prosecuted or defended on the County's behalf. The authority to make decisions on behalf of Kootenai County rests with the Board of County Commissioners, elected officials, and department managers in accordance with Idaho law.


The Civil Division provides legal advice to County elected officials and department managers on a wide variety of topics, including drafting and interpretation of County ordinances, contracts, bidding and procurement, grants, real estate transactions, leases, bankruptcies, property tax issues, medical indigency, planning and zoning, law enforcement liability, and tort claims. 

The Civil Division also advises County elected officials and department managers on employment issues, and represents the County in workers' compensation and unemployment claims. In addition, the Civil Division regularly conducts training programs for County elected officials, department managers, supervisors and employees on a number of law-related topics.


Because the Civil Division represents Kootenai County government, its attorneys cannot provide legal advice to the general public. For assistance with personal legal issues such as contracts, landlord/tenant disputes, boundary disputes, or other civil matters, please contact the attorney of your choice. For assistance in finding an attorney, please feel free to contact the following:

  • Idaho State Bar: 208-334-4500
  • Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc.: 208-667-9559
  • Idaho Volunteer Lawyers Program: 208-334-4510