Real Property

Real property consists of land and the improvements attached to it.

Personal Property

Personal property is equipment, furniture and/or fixtures used in a business. View the Idaho State Commission Tax website for more information.

Manufactured Housing

Manufactured homes are generally considered personal property for the purpose of collection, seizure and sale. Only manufactured homes on a foundation where all proper paperwork has been completed are considered real property for the purpose of collection and tax deed.

Occupancy Tax

Occupancy tax is a prorated tax on newly constructed homes that have not been occupied a full year. The value and tax is prorated from the time it was occupied until the end of the year.

Budget Needs

Property tax is determined from the budget needs of the taxing district. Several kinds of taxing districts exist in Idaho. Levy taxes provide a wide range of services within the city and or county. Other levy taxes are for specific purposes like highways, schools and or fire protection. Officials for each taxing district determine the annual budget needed to provide the district's services. The approved budget to be funded by the property tax is divided by the total taxable value of all properties within the district. This determines the tax levy rate. This tax levy rate is multiplied by the taxable value of the property to determine the amount of taxes you owe.

Tax levy rates can be affected by a variety of factors which include the taxing district's emergency needs or voter approved bonds and override levies. Levies are not certified until late October of each year.

Property Tax Educational Video