Kootenai County Government Property Tax Levy

There are 45+ taxing districts, not including Urban Renewal Districts, in Kootenai County. Each of those taxing districts have their own citizen elected boards and develop their own budget for the year. Budgets consist of anticipated revenues and expenditures for the upcoming year. The dollar amount of expenditures that exceed the revenue amount becomes the property tax levy. This is the amount of property tax each taxing district must collect to balance their budget and provide the level of service citizens expect.

The property tax levy is divided by the assessed valuation of all property in each respective taxing district to get the levy rate. This levy rate is then used to calculate the individual property taxes for each parcel based on each property’s net taxable value.

For fiscal year 2020, the approved Kootenai County government levy rate was .002279133. This equates to $227.91 per $100,000 of your property’s valuation after any exemptions. This is a reduction of approximately 8.48% from 2020.

Levi adjusted inflation

Revision Date:  2/8/23