Complaint Process

Filing a Complaint- A completed online Complaint form or PDF version is required and must include your name, phone number/address, and signature. 

Three Methods of Submittal:

Kootenai County Community Development
451 N Government Way
P.O. Box 9000
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83816-9000

Report Code Enforcement Violation

Submit in Person
The Complaint Form is available over-the-counter at the Community Development Department
451 N Government Way
P.O. Box 9000
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83816-9000

Initial Review

Once a complaint is received, the Code Compliance Officer will review the complaint to determine if it is in violation of a County adopted code. A follow-up phone call may be made to the complainant for additional information and the proposed plan of action, which may include:

1. Determination of a possible code violation warranting further investigation and a site visit. Or

2. Determination of no code violation, requiring no further action in the case.

Initial Contact with Violator

The Code Compliance Officer will visit the site of the reported violation, take evidentiary photographs and may attempt contact with the alleged violator. When the violation is confirmed, the Code Compliance Officer may issue a Warning or Notice of Violation by Mail to the property owner and/or post a Stop Work Order.

Notice Timeline (From Mailing Date)

Day 1- Notice of Violation and/or Stop Work Order Posted or Warning Notice sent with confirmed violation

Day 10- Warning Notice Follow-up (validate correction is in progress or send a Notice of Violation)

Day 28 – Appeal period of Notice of Violation (NOV) ends

Day 45 – NOV is recorded at the Kootenai County Recorder’s Office

Follow Up

The responsible Code Compliance Officer will engage in regular follow up activities for each case deadline date to actively manage progress. When the violation is resolved, the case is closed. If the violation is not resolved, the Code Compliance Officer will attempt contact by phone, person or written correspondence with the reported violator to discuss an action plan toward compliance and resolution of the violation. 

The Code Compliance Officer may provide an extension of the compliance timeline on a case by case basis. All extensions and notices will be given in official correspondence and recorded in the case file.


Our goal is to partner with the citizens for voluntary compliance with adopted Kootenai County Ordinances.

Final Enforcement Process

Despite efforts of the Code Compliance Officer to assist citizens in the resolution of County Ordinance violation(s), continued noncompliance of existing violations may result in Notices of Violation recorded against the property owner with the Recorder’s Office and/or the issuance of Stop Work Orders and potential initiation of legal action. In this case, the Code Compliance Officer works with the County's Civil Legal Department in preparing the case for additional legal action. Any applicant or affected person, as defined in section 8.9.101 of this title, may appeal a Department action by submitting, within twenty-eight (28) days of the decision, a written request for a public hearing before a hearing examiner, an explanation of the grounds for the appeal, and applicable fees.  The hearing and public notice shall be conducted according to the provisions of this article, and any other applicable provisions of this title.  The appeal shall be initially heard by a Hearing Examiner, who shall make a recommendation to the Board for a decision.  The final decision on the appeal shall be made by the Board.  Decisions made by the Board may be appealed to the district court as provided by law.


Kootenai County strives to assist resident’s corrective actions for code compliance.  We provide personal communication and educational exchanges to enhance success in all code violations. 

As a government agency, we ensure compliance for disclosure of information regarding code enforcement files to the public, under the Idaho Public Records Act, Title 74, Chapter 1, Idaho Code (IPRA).