What is the annual tax cycle?

Tax Cycle Dates

January 1Tax lien date Values are appraised as of January 1 each year.
April 15Agricultural classification applications are due.
Mid to late MayAssessment Notices must be mailed by the first Monday in June.
Third Monday in MayPreliminary budgets are due for the next fiscal year (beginning October 1).
June 20The second half of the prior year's tax payment is due.
Fourth Monday of JuneDeadline for the Board of Equalization appeals
End of JuneThe County Auditor sends value estimates to the taxing districts.
Second Monday of JulyThe Board of Equalization closes -- the Assessment Roll is forwarded to the County Auditor.
First Week of SeptemberThe State Tax Commission sends the Operating Property values to the County Auditor.
Second Monday in SeptemberThe County Auditor receives the budget requests.
Third Monday in SeptemberThe County Auditor sets the tax levy rates.
Third Week of OctoberThe Subsequent Roll Assessment Notices are mailed.
Fourth Monday in OctoberThe State Tax Commission reviews and approves the tax levy rates.
November 1The County Auditor computes individual property tax charges and sends them to the Treasurer for billing.
Fourth Monday in NovemberThe County Treasurer mails the tax bills.
December 20The first half of the property tax payments are due (full payment may be made at this time).
December 31Timber classification applications and timber management plans are due.

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