Change a Mailing Address

The Assessor's Office is responsible for maintaining the property database with the correct owner name and mailing address. The Change of Address Request may not be used to change the owner's name on a property.

How to Submit

In order to change the address, we need to be able to identify your property or properties. Please provide the Assessor's Parcel Number or alternate identification number (AIN) for each property to be changed.

You May:
Fill out and submit online the Change of Address Request form.

Via mail

Post Office change of address form.
You may also send us a copy of your tax bill showing the change.
Click on the Address Change form (PDF), print and mail in to:

Kootenai County Assessor
PO Box 9000
Coeur d Alene, ID 83816

For DMV/DL address change requests please click here.

Rural Lands

Several years ago, the County re-addressed rural lands (outside any city limits) for 911 purposes (for emergency vehicles to locate properties in emergencies). Some mailing addresses were changed using a computer conversion program. However, not all addresses were included in this change. It is up to the landowner to assure that we have the correct mailing address.

If you did not receive an Assessment Notice, contact the Assessor's Office to determine what address we have on record.