Can I see a map of my property? May I purchase a copy?

The Assessor's Office has plat maps covering all properties in Kootenai County. They are available for your viewing at our office from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays. The maps are filed by township, range, section, and quarter section (northeast quarter, northwest quarter, southwest quarter, or southeast quarter) and provide parcel numbers needed to obtain parcel information.

The maps are also on the website. "Then select the township/range combination, the section, and then quadrant (quarter section). If you do not have this specific information, you can use the large wall maps at our office to narrow your search. 

Purchasing a Copy

The full sized plat maps may be purchased at the Assessor's Office at 451 Government Way in Coeur d'Alene. The maps measure approximately 18 inches by 24 inches and cost $2 each. When requesting a map, please specify the quarter section, section, township, and range of the map. The Assessor's Office can help you identify the map you wish to purchase.

You may also purchase a black and white map of Kootenai County from the Commissioner's Office. This map measures approximately 36 inches by 45 inches and costs $30.

There are other maps available for purchase from the Kootenai County Recorder's Office:

  • Survey maps
  • Recorder's plat maps (platted subdivisions)
  • The above two types of maps come in two sizes:
    • 11 inches by 14 inches - These cost $1 each.
    • Large size - The sizes vary considerably and cost $4 each.
  • You can request that maps be mailed to you. Postage will vary by map size and weight.

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