Paratransit eligibility is based on an individual's functional ability to use the fixed route system; it is not based on a medical diagnosis or meeting the broader ADA definition of "disability." Simply having a disability does not make you eligible for complementary paratransit under the ADA.

What is Paratransit and Who Qualifies

Civil Rights Law

The perception of ADA complementary paratransit as "a transportation system for the disabled" is common, but misguided. The ADA is a civil rights law, not a social service program. In terms of transportation, this means that its primary function is to remove the barriers that prevent people with disabilities from using the existing transportation system, not to provide separate, "special" services.

Usable by Persons with Disabilities

Our transit system is accessible and usable by persons with disabilities, including wheelchair users. Please note that all of our regular buses are accessible and lift equipped.

ADA Safety Net

Under the ADA, complementary paratransit acts as a "safety net" for people with disabilities whose disability still prevent them-not merely makes use more difficult-from using the fixed route system, even when it's fully accessible. The process a transit authority uses to determine eligibility for a person with a disability is found in §37.123(e) of the DOT ADA regulations.

ADA Visitors

ADA Paratransit visitors to Kootenai County wishing to access ADA Paratransit Services please contact us at 208.446.1616.

The Dos and Donts Rider Policy