Party Affiliation

Idaho has four recognized parties with which voters may affiliate, or voters may be unaffiliated:

  1. Constitution 
  2. Democratic 
  3. Libertarian 
  4. Republican

If you are a registered voter and do not know how you are currently affiliated, contact the Kootenai County Elections Office at 208-446-1030 or at email the Elections Office.

Change Affiliation

  • The last day to change affiliation or become "Unaffiliated" is the last day a candidate may file for partisan political office prior to a primary election.
  • After the primary election a voter may change affiliation or become "Unaffiliated" at any time by filling out the Party Affiliation Form (PDF).
  • If you are Unaffiliated, you may affiliate with one of the four parties at any time by filling out a Party Affiliation Form (PDF) or on Election Day you may affiliate with a party in the Poll book.

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